Located just over the river from the East Side of Manhattan, Astoria is one of the most convenient, as well as affordable neighborhoods in Queens. Traditionally it has been home to recent immigrants from Europe, especially Greeks (it has the largest Greek population in the United States), though in recent years immigrants from Egypt, Latin America and the Caribbean have moved into the area. It is also a popular place to live for many young professionals of all races and backgrounds - including a new influx of young gay professionals - particularly teachers and actors (because of the proximity to television studios and Broadway). Residents of Astoria benefit from a number of quality grocery stores - from a suburban style Super Stop and Shop to Titan Foods, the largest Greek grocery store in the US - a small, but growing bar scene (including the largest outdoor bar in NYC Bohemian Hall Beer Garden, many inexpensive restaurants and bakeries and the famous Astoria Laundry. The main commercial districts run along 30th Avenue, Broadway, and Steinway, which house national retailers such as the Gap and Victoria's Secret, along with locally run boutiques, bookstores, and delis as well. For young adults and college students living in Astoria the benefits are many. It is a short subway ride to the New York Public Library, Penn Station and Port Authority. It is also convenient to JFK (transfer to the E train) and LaGuardia (via the M60) airports. The M60 will also take you to Columbia University and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Apartments in Astoria tend to be in either multifamily homes or in small (6-12 unit) apartment buildings, though west of 31st Street (which the N line runs along) it is possible to find larger (24+) buildings. Since many of these units were built after World War II as starter homes, they tend to be more spacious and have less of a carved out feel than apartments in Manhattan and even Brooklyn. Many apartments also come with optional off-street parking, and many parts of Astoria do not require car owners to move their car for street cleaning. Though it is possible to find an apartment in Astoria without a broker, most owners seem to list units through one of many local brokers. Local brokers in Astoria like Astoria Realty tend to charge less than commercial brokers in Manhattan and Brooklyn (who charge up to 15% of the first years rent compared to less than half that for Astoria brokers) and can usually set you up with a suitable apartment in a matter of days.


Average Apartment Prices in Astoria:
Astoria Studio - $1100-$1450
One Bedroom - $1375-$1625
Two Bedroom - $1400-$1800
Three Bedroom - $1950-$3200

Local Subway:

G, R and V to Steinway and 46th Street stops (local)
N & W to Broadway and all stops thereafter (local)
10-15 minutes to Manhattan
20-25 minutes to Penn Station

Key Buses:

Q101 - Steinway to E. 59th Street
M60 - Astoria Blvd. to Columbia University and LaGuardia Airport

Astoria Apartments
23-17 31st Street
Astoria, New York 11105
917 838-0420